Food Box Program

If you enjoy local food, you’ll love our Food Box Program! Designed to provide you with a variety of fresh produce every other week, we bring locally-grown food directly to your workplace. There are many great reasons to join our program today.

If you’re already convinced, you can REGISTER FOR THE 2018 SEASON right now.


We work with several farms!

We source our food box items from several producers in a six county region (Mahaska, Keokuk, Wapello, Jefferson, Davis and Van Buren). This allows us to have a wide variety of produce throughout the season. You can support multiple farming families throughout southeast Iowa without traveling further than your workplace.

We bring the food to you!

With all the fun opportunities that summer has to offer, it seems like a waste to be spending all your time in the grocery store. Our Food Box Program can help you with that. We bring produce directly to you!  Several businesses in Wapello County will serve as “drop sites” for our boxes. We bring the shares at the end of the day, packaged, labeled, and ready for you to grab on your way home.

We love to share knowledge!

Our produce comes with a newsletter that has local food information, farmer profiles, and plenty of recipes. We make sure you know what’s in your share of produce by labeling items or including an information sheet. We give you storage and preparation tips, so if you’ve never used one of the items before, you’ll know what to do. The newsletter will also keep you connected with local and regional food events, so you can support the local food network in other ways too.

We love variety, but we also love the staples!

Our shares typically contain 6-10 different items. We choose to provide smaller quantities of items, with a greater variety overall. We try to include a handful of well-known and well-loved items, along with a few new items. There may be things you’ve never seen or heard of before, and that’s why we provide recipes and tips. But don’t worry about only getting the wacky vegetables in your share, you’ll see plenty of your favorites too.

You can customize your deliveries!

We will have up to 10 deliveries this year, scheduled for every other week. You can sign up for all of them, or pick ones that work best for your family. If you’re on vacation one week, you can skip that week without having to pay for it.

You don’t have to pay up front!

Why pay for food you haven’t received yet? We know that everyone has a budget and unexpected expenses happen. We are able to accept payments for the entire season or you can pay monthly as you go. You choose what works best for you and your family.


How it works:

Now that you know all about our Food Box program, we’re sure you’ll want to sign up!


Our shares cost $20 and that gets you 6-10 different items, with a good balance between things you probably know and use, and things you might be unfamiliar with. We deliver every other week, and you can choose which deliveries you want to participate in. If you’re on vacation one week, you can take that week off without being charged for it.

If you want to, you can pay up front for your entire season. Or, you can choose to pay on a monthly basis. We want our food box program to fit your budget.

This season our shares will contain local fruits, vegetables, herbs and perhaps a specialty item or two.

Our 2018 drop sites include:

  • John Deere Ottumwa Works (employees only)
  • Indian Hills Community College (employees only)
  • Sieda Community Action Admin Office (employees only)
  • River Hills Community Health Center (employees only)
  • Wapello County Extension Office
  • Possibly more to come!

Delivery dates for the 2018 season be every other Wednesday:

June 13th
June 27th
July 11th
July 25th
August 8th
August 22nd
September 5th
September 19th
October 3rd

Want more information, or to sign up over the phone? Contact Erin Sellman at or 641-682-5491.