18 ways to use microgreens

18 ways to use microgreens
  1. Top grilled hamburgers with BBQ sauce, feta, and micros
  2. Top baked potato with butter, sour cream, bacon and micros
  3. Fold micros into ground beef and make hamburgers
  4. Roll micros in rice paper
  5. Stuff micros into pita pocket with cheese, microwave 10 to 15 seconds to melt
  6. Roll micros into tortilla with peanut butter and sliced almonds
  7. Add to any fresh salsa
  8. Stuff inside any deli sandwich for crunch and flavor
  9. Blend into a pesto with other greens and herbs
  10. Throw in an omelet
  11. Top a pizza or flatbread
  12. Toss in a vinaigrette and use to garnish a steak
  13. Blend into hummus
  14. Throw in a stir fry
  15. Mix into cooked rice
  16. Roll into sushi
  17. Top any salad greens
  18. Bake into savory breads

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