About Us


What is Produce with a Purpose?

That’s a great question!

Produce with a Purpose addresses the need for more local food producers and increased access by consumers to local food in and around Wapello County, Iowa. The projects goals are three-fold:


    1.  Increase the number of fruit and vegetable producers in a six county region
    2.  Increase the number of consumers who purchase local foods in Wapello County
    3.  Provide high quality, relevant educational opportunities to producers and consumers.


Produce with a Purpose will create a local food bag program to reach more consumers, increase access to fresh produce in low-income areas, develop relationships with producers and aspiring producers, and engage local business owners who seek to source food locally.


To aid producers in increasing the supply of local products, Produce with a Purpose will provide targeted educational opportunities to help producers develop their businesses and scale up production, while encouraging new producers to begin production. In addition to producer education, Produce with a Purpose will provide educational programs to consumers. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the number of producers and scale of production to the point where they are able to have enough profitable produce to sell to local businesses and large-scale institutions.


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