Find Local Producers


Appanoose County


Country Roads Produce

Mike and Melanie Seals

5901 278th Street, Moravia, Iowa

(641) 895-1149

We started with a one acre strawberry patch in 2006. Today, our sales and marketing stretch throughout Iowa and Missouri through grocery stores, restaurants, assisted living facilities, the Iowa Food Cooperative and the latest addition of our farm stand located in Centerville, Iowa.  We farm a little over 10 acres of produce each summer, planting 1000 tomato plants, 1100 pepper plants, 6 acres of sweet corn, maintaining a 1/4 acre strawberry patch, and planting numerous other popular vegetable varieties.  Visit our new farm stand, or check out our website or our facebook page for more information on where to buy our produce.



Davis County


Boas Garden

Patsy Boas

24153 Monarch Tr., Bloomfield, IA


Cornish cross hens, white cross turkeys, full spectrum of produce, herbs, baked goods, jams, jellies. Visit us at the Bloomfield Farmers Market or at the Wapello County Farmers’ Market. Accepting EBT!


Dave’s ‘Mater House

Dave Davis

16721 276th Street, Bloomfield, IA


Squash, tomatoes, zucchini and various other vegetables. Visit us at the Bloomfield Farmers Market.


Kuhns Produce Patch

John Earl and Susan Kuhns

16246 Jade Ave., Bloomfield, IA

641-664-2336 (voicemail only)

Natural and chemical-free strawberries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Visit us at the Bloomfield Farmers Market.


Martin’s Produce

Aaron and Rhonda Martin

26824 Vetch Ave., Pulaski, IA

641-208-7212 or 641-208-7984 (cell)

Zucchini, sweet corn, snap peas, and many other vegetables. Visit us at the Bloomfield Farmers Market, Fairfield Farmers Market, and the Produce Auction for large quantities.


Newton’s Own

Charles and Kathy Newton

11245 Jewel Ave., Bloomfield, IA


Natural and chemical-free honey and honey products, cattle, goat, and sheep. Visit us at the Bloomfield Farmers MarketFairfield Farmers Market, and the Ottumwa Farmers’ Market. Accepting EBT!


Yoder’s Natural Farm

Robert and Luella Yoder

19222 Jade Ave., Bloomfield, IA


Natural and chemical-free cattle, hogs, poultry, eggs. Visit us at Bloomfield Farmers Market or through the Iowa Food Coop here.



Jefferson County


Aurora Farm Flowers

Joy Craig

2309 Kale Blvd., Fairfield, IA

641-469-4533 or 641-919-4588 (cell) or

Natural and chemical-free plants, herbs, baked goods, canned goods, vegetables, and specialty items such as rose petal jam. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Back to the Basics

Barb Grijalva

2254 136th Blvd., Fairfield, IA


A large variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, and baked goods. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Blair’s Berries

Elaine Blair

32446 230th Ave, Ollie, IA (in Keokuk)

641-661-2272 or 641-799-8122 (cell)

Locally grown berries. Contact us directly or visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Blooming Acres Farm

Steve and Kim Keller

2340 Mint Blvd., Fairfield, IA

641-919-6244 (cell)

A certified organic farm offering a wide variety of fruits, fruit trees, vegetables, poultry, eggs, baked goods, and flowers. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market. Accepting EBT!


Brush Creek Greenhouse and Produce

Wayne Nisley

2009 Velvetleaf Ave., Lockridge, IA

A local producer of beans, cantaloupe, peppers, pumpkins, squash, strawberries, sweet corn, watermelon and more.  Contact us directly or come to the Produce Auction for large quantities.


Cedar Creek Produce

Vincent Jaeger

2146 241st Street, Fairfield, IA


A certified organic producer of kale, cantalope, sage as well as many other fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Contact us directly or visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


CR Eggs & Produce

John Roush

2147 257th Street, Fairfield, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm that offers a variety of vegetables, herbs, baked goods, eggs. Contact us directly or visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Crow Creek Farm

Michael Havelka

2147 185th Street, Fairfield, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm that offers trees, Chinese Chestnuts, vegetables, eggs. Contact us directly.


Divinely Delectable Bakery – Gluten Free

Debbie Maselli

1200 S. 5th Street, Fairfield, IA


A natural and chemical-free sweet and savory baker. Her baked goods feature her home-grown herbs such as basil, chives, parsley, and rosemary. Contact us directly and visit our facebook page.


Dovico Hydroponics & Aquaponics

1046 220th Street, Batavia, IA


A producer of vegetables, herbs and baked goods. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Earth Wisdom

Colleen Bell

1706 S. Main Street, Fairfield, IA


A natural and chemical-free producer of hazelnuts, fruits, vegetables, a wide variety of herbs as well as salves, balms and plants. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Everybody’s Whole Foods, Inc.

John Dey

501 N. 2nd Street, Fairfield, IA


SE Iowa’s largest whole foods store selling natural and organic products from many local producers. Check out our selection of produce, prepared food, baked goods, honey, flowers, cheese, dairy, personal care items, wine and much more. 


Goodale Family Farms

Dean Goodale

2037 140th Street, Fairfield, IA


A natural and chemicial-free producer of corn, beans, wheat, oats, apples, asparagus, beets, blackberries, cabbage, eggplant, leaf lettuce, onions, pears, spinach and much more. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Jaeger Farm Organics

Vince Jaeger

2146 241st Street, Fairfield, IA

A certified organic farm that produces vegetables, herbs, baked goods, flowers and plants. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Maharishi University of Management Organic Farm

Steve McLaskey

1000 N. 4th Street MR 695, Fairfield, IA

641-472-6823 or 641-919-2963 (cell)

This certified organic, student-run small farm produces vegetables and herbs that are sold to other business. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Nature’s Way

Carl Spray

1225 Ironwood Ave, Packwood, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm that produces fruits, vegetables baked goods, extracts and herbs including aronia berries and stevia. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Pickle Creek Herbs

Tim and Jocelyn Engman

1341 Spruce Ave., Brighton, IA


A certified organic farm that produces vegetables, herbs and garden seedlings. Specialty items like heirloom tomatoes are also offered. Check out our website or visit us at the Iowa City Farmers’ Market, Cedar Rapids Farmers’ Market, Davenport Farmers’ Market, Lion’s Bridge Brewing Farmers’ Market, or the Fairfield Farmers Market. We also have a farm stand located at 104 3rd St in Fairfield, Iowa from Tuesdays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm. Accepting EBT!


Radiance Dairy

Francis and Susan Thicke

1745 Brookville Road, Fairfield, IA


A certified organic dairy farm with 160 Jersey cattle. They produce a variety of dairy items for sale to local businesses, all within 5 miles. 


Sharon’s Produce

Claude Nicholson

2664 Hwy 1, Fairfield, IA


A certified organic farm known locally for leeks and garlic, also producing fruits, vegetables, and herbs including aronia berries. Visit us at the Fairfield Farmers Market.


Tenco Industries

3001 West Grimes Ave., Fairfield, IA


Hydroponic greenhouse growers of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. 


Keokuk County


Rolling Prairie Acres

Tanya and Doug Webster

708 Ringgold Street, Sigourney, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm known for it’s garlic, but produces so much more! Selections include fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, eggs, baked goods, jams, jellies, heirloom varieties of plants, and specialty items including aronia berries, elderberries, and honeyberries. Join our CSA program or visit us at local farmer’s markets. Accepting EBT!



Carrie VanDerHorst

3301 169th St., Hedrick, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm that produces vegetables, goats, sheep, and eggs. Selection includes eggplant, cucumbers, beets, beans, kohlrabi, onions, peppers, pumpkins, potatoes, rhubarb, sweet corn, turnips, zucchini and squash. Visit us at the local farmer’s markets. 



Lucas County


Blue Gate Farm

Jill Beebout

749 Wyoming Street, Chariton, IA  50049

(641) 203-1709

Chemical-free produce, jams, herbs, pasture-raised eggs. Certified Naturally Grown. Markets to Des Moines, Knoxville and on-farm. Accepting EBT!



Mahaska County


3D Farms

Doug, Denise, and Dylan Rodwell

1315 C. Ave. West, Oskaloosa, IA

641-672-0460 or 641-295-4136 (cell)

Larger volume grower of snap beans, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, onion, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet corn, tomatoes, turnips, and zucchini.


Five Points Heritage Farm

Ron and Vicky Arkema

2385 Norwalk Circle, Oskaloosa, IA

641-230-0014 or 641-230-0025

A natural and chemical-free producer of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Visit our website to learn more about the farm. Join our CSA to receive weekly shares, or visit us at the Oskaloosa Farmer’s Markets. We also have a summer farm stand at 2385 Norwalk Circle, Oskaloosa on Wednesdays through Fridays, 2pm to 6pm. Accepting EBT!


Frisian Farms

2098 Fisher Ave, Leighton, Iowa

(641) 204 – 2222

Come experience the cheese-making process and try samples of various ages and flavors of our Frisian Farms Gouda, including fresh curds at the new Frisian Farms Cheese House! The Frisian Farms Cheese House is conveniently located just off of Hwy 163 between Pella and Oskaloosa, IA. You will love our Gouda cheese. It is a semi-hard cheese named after a Dutch town in the province of South-Holland, and accounts for more than 60% of the cheese produced in the Netherlands. Cheese making is both an art and a science. Our cheese is made using the original techniques mastered in Holland over hundreds of years and produces a cheese that reflects that perfection. Come experience Gouda done the Frisian Farm way! Check out our website for the most up-to-date information. 


Grubby’s Farm Fresh Produce

Greg Grubb

313 North I Street, Oskaloosa, IA


A producer of fruits and vegetables that include snap beans, beets, cantaloupe, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and all other potatoes. Specialty items like Kettle Korn are also available. We operate a roadside stand at 911 A Ave East in Oskaloosa from 10am-6pm, June through October. Visit us there, at the Oskaloosa farmer’s market, or contact us directly. Accepting EBT!


Larry’s Berries and Vi’s Vines

Larry Engbers

1155 Highway 102, Pella, IA

641-628-2304 or 641-780-3621 (cell)

A producer specializing in fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, table grapes, raspberries, and strawberries.


Tassel Ridge Winery

Bob & Sharman Wersen

1681 220th Street, Leighton, IA between Pella and Oskaloosa on Hwy 163

641-672-WINE (9463)

Open year round, Monday – Friday, 9 am to 6 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday, noon to 6 pm. Nestled in the picturesque farmland of Mahaska County, family-owned Tassel Ridge Winery produces a wide range of award-winning wines from dry to sweet including fizzy, fruit, dessert, and iced wines. Many of these wines are made from grapes grown in the winery’s 64 acres of vineyards. Tour the winery year round and the vineyards seasonally. Taste wine and ship for locally-produced cheese, chocolate, bread, dipping oils, wine-related items, and much more seven days a week! Wines are sold at the winery and at over 400 retailers and restaurants in Iowa (for a list, visit For a schedule of events, visit


Vos Farm

Blaine and Joan Vos

2346 Patriot Ave., Oskaloosa, IA

641-777-2857 (cell)

A certified organic, natural, chemical-free, and grass-based producer of September-November lambs. Raising nice tender lambs to sell direct to buyers or local businesses. 



Marion County


B & J’s Greenhouse

1057 Virginia St, Columbia, Iowa

(641) 891-2706

Open Seasonally with regular business hours. Spring offerings include greenhouse business with annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable plants, wire art, and gifts. The greenhouse is closed in the summer expect by appointment as we will be in the garden on site, or five mile away. In the fall, we have hardy mums, pumpkins, gourds, and much more!


Crooked Gap Farm

Ethan and Rebecca Book

1707 80th Avenue, Knoxville, IA 50138

(641) 891-2112

Non-GMO meats, woodlot/pastured pork, grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, poultry, and rabbit. Markets to Des Moines, Knoxville, Pella


Grape Escape Vineyards and Winery

1185 40th Place, Pleasantville, Iowa

(515) 848 – 3094

Wines crafted from 100% Iowa grown grapes. 14 wines available at this time, more coming soon. Tour the winery, free tastings. Open year round with regular business hours. Check out our website for all the details. 


Prairie Roots Farm

Louise Zaffiro

928 Broadway, Pella, IA 50219

(641) 628-2959 

We are growing and selling USDA-certified seasonal organic produce, primarily at the Pella Farmers Market from last week of April through November. We also started a CSA shares program in 2014. We specialize in salad greens, kales, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, onions, squashes, melons, herbs, beans, peppers, garlic braids, and much more, in season. We are proud to be USDA-Certified Organic since 2012, and we are a human-powered, solar-powered, and a low-carbon operation, with a new high tunnel added in 2014 for early-late season extension. Accepting EBT!


Reichert’s Dairy Air

1022 Quebec St, Knoxville, Iowa

(641) 218-4296

We are a licensed “micro-dairy” located in rural Knoxville, Iowa. Lois milks about 15 – 20 LaMancha dairy goats and turns the high quality milk into delicious farmstead cheeses. The cheese is made in small batches, by hand, on a daily basis to ensure freshness of milk and the final product. We offer classic and flavored fresh chevre, fresh feta, and several surface-ripened European style cheeses. We continue to develop new cheeses to add to our line, stop by our booth at Des Moines Downtown Farmer’s Market or the Marion Farmers’ Market to see what we have available!



Van Buren County


Bloom and Bark

Kim Steele-Blair

18517 Route J40, Keosauqua, IA

319-293-6168 or 641-233-8210

A local producer of a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with baked goods, canned products, and specialty dog treats! Items are sold a the farmer’s markets, to local businesses, direct to buyers, and through a CSA program.


Bobcat Valley Produce

Mark Sedlacek

2312 205th Street, Keosauqua, IA

319-293-3903 or 641-233-7414 (cell)

Fruit, vegetable and herb grower doing it naturally and chemical-free. Selling these products as well as delicious baked goods to local businesses, direct to buyers and at the Fairfield Farmer’s Market. 


Lengachers Greenhouse

Joe and Barbara Lengacher

22583 Heather Ave., Keosauqua, IA

A larger volume grower of vegetables, fruits and herbs, including snap beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, gooseberries, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, raspberries, basil, dill, rosemary, and much, much more. Products are natural and chemical-free. Also selling eggs. Visit us at the local farmer’s markets. 


Leslie’s Little Bit of Heaven

Ernest & Betty Hinkle

531 West Cedar Street, Birmingham, IA


A producer of natural and chemical-free fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, and plant seeds including asparagus, beans, beets, cabbage, cucumber, onions, watermelon, pecans, and English walnuts. We sell directly to buyers and at local farmer’s markets. 


Ramsey Honey Farm

Vern & Doris Ramsey

22781 Route J16, Birmingham, IA


A producer of honey and honey bee products. Selling directly to buyers. 



Wapello County


Gothic Gardens

Donald Harness

P.O. Box 354, 201 9th Street, Eldon, IA


A local producer of a large variety of vegetables, herbs, and apples. Farm fresh eggs are sold, as well as made into noodles for the farmer’s markets. Contact me directly to purchase items, or visit me at the Wapello County Farmers’ Market. Accepting EBT!



Steve Thompson

14177 50th Street, Ottumwa, IA


A natural and chemical-free farm supplying a large variety of flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and tree starts to the farmer’s market in Fairfield. Selection includes raspberries, chard, turnips and much more!


Gumeniuk’s Produce

Oleksandr Gumeniuk

2295 340th Street, Eddyville, IA


A chemical-free, natural producer of fruits, vegetables, and herbs including beets, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, peaches, pears, watermelon, sweet corn and much more! All produce is started from seed and planted by hand. Visit us at the Ottumwa, Pella, Oskaloosa, and Monroe County Farmers’ Markets.


Ostrander Flowers and Greenhouse

Kristy Ostrander

1243 25th Avenue, Eldon, IA

641-652-3288 or 641-777-8009 (cell)

A greenhouse operation along the Des Moines river in Eldon. A large variety of flowers, plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as saved seeds from their garden. Visit our facebook page!


Roe’s Gothic Gardens

Becky Taylor

P.O. Box 73, Eldon, IA


A fruit and vegetable farm that also loves processing salsas, jams, and jellies. 


Tenco Industries

710 Gateway Dr., Ottumwa, IA

641-682-8114 or 641-777-7608

A year-round hydroponic producer of tomatoes. Sells products to retail outlets, at farmer’s markets, and directly to buyers.


Uncle Slim’s Pony Farm

Ed McDowell

12252 Rabbit Run Road, Ottumwa, IA


A producer of a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can be found at the Ottumwa Farmers’ Market





You can also visit the Iowa CSA Directory from the Local Foods Program or IDALS Farmer’s Market Directory for more access to local food.