Food Box Delivery #4

Food Box Delivery #4

Yesterday was our fourth and heaviest Food Box delivery of the season. Now that we’re in the peak of the summer, we’ve started to see an increase in the variety of vegetables that are locally available. We did travel a bit further than usual to bring you the first local fruit of the season – watermelon! It was grown in Lee County along the Des Moines river. Apart from that, all the produce in this delivery was grown between 4 and 50 miles away. It came from 7 different producers in 5 different counties.

Check out what we had this week!

Produce Share #4:

Good lookin’ garlic of the hardneck variety
  1. Radishes Tenco Garden in Ottumwa
  2. Basil Rolling Prairie Acres in Sigourney
  3. Beans Rolling Prairie Acres in Sigourney
  4. Summer Squash Rolling Prairie Acres in Sigourney
  5. Sweet Corn Ukrainian Garden in America in Eddyville
  6. New Potatoes Ukrainian Garden in America in Eddyville
  7. Cucumbers Dreaden Farms in Ottumwa
  8. Garlic Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
  9. Spring Onions Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
  10. Tomatoes Country Roads Produce in Moravia
  11. Watermelon Iowa Prison Industries Farm #3 in Montrose



We have spots open for our next delivery on Wednesday, August 8th. Head on over to our registration page to get signed up!

For those of you who have participated in a box this year, we will be sending out a mid-season evaluation next week. It will be an anonymous, online survey that should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please help us make this program better by providing your feedback and suggestions.  Check your email for the link to that survey. Thank you in advance for your comments!


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