Food Box Delivery #6

Food Box Delivery #6

Yesterday, the last day before kids headed back to school, was our sixth Food Box delivery. As summer comes to an unofficial end, so does the season for some of our favorite vegetables. We’ve loaded our customers up with new potatoes this season, but this was probably the last of delivery with those. We also delivered some of the last watermelons of the season. And the sweet corn was already long gone before this week. The good news is that several producers have been succession planting, meaning they’ll be selling another crop of spring or cool-weather vegetables in the near future. Stay tuned and sign up for fall boxes!

All the produce in this delivery was grown between 4 and 90 miles away. It came from 6 different producers in 5 different counties. Check out what we had this week…

Produce Share #6:

Spicy beauties (top to bottom: Hungarian Wax, Cheyenne, and Banana peppers)
  1. Hungarian Wax Peppers Barnswallow Produce in Oskaloosa
  2. Various Cherry Tomatoes Barnswallow Produce in Oskaloosa
  3. Aronia Berries Rolling Prairie Acres in Sigourney
  4. New Potatoes Ukrainian Garden in America in Eddyville
  5. Chopaka Mountain Softneck Garlic Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
  6. Calibri Onion Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
  7. Zucchini Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
  8. Watermelon Country Roads Produce in Moravia
  9. Sweet Bell Peppers Country Roads Produce in Moravia
  10. Cabbage Microgreens Tenco Industries in Fairfield



Looking ahead to our fall boxes, we are hoping for sweet potatoes, various root vegetables and maybe even some apples. We’re working on sourcing a couple surprise items too. Make sure to reserve your box by registering on our website’s home page or calling our office.

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