Food Box Delivery #9

Food Box Delivery #9

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap!

Yesterday was the last Food Box delivery of the 2018 Produce with a Purpose season. It’s all done. We can’t believe it either.  The good news is that the program ended with a great assortment of fruits and veggies. Along with the temperature dropping from 84F to 57F within a day, the produce in this last Food Box – sweet potatoes, winter squash, and fresh-picked apples – will sure make it feel like autumn too. Roast, mash or puree these into warm soups or casseroles to enjoy as the temperatures keep dropping. We also thew in some familiar items that came from the second crop of the year, like the green beans, beets and the Asian lettuce mix. All the produce in this delivery was grown between 4 and 70 miles away. It came from 7 different producers in 6 different counties. Check out everything in a share this week…

Snack or “Yummy” Peppers – great for grilling, stuffing, or packing in lunches for littles


Produce Share #9:

1. Garlic Chives Tenco Industries in Ottumwa
2. Butternut Squash Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
3. Asian Greens Prairie Roots Farm in Otley
4. Acorn Squash Dreaden Farms in Ottumwa

5. Red Delicious and Johnathon Apples Schneider Orchard in Lacona
6. Sweet Potatoes Iowa Prison Industries Farm #3 in Montrose
7. Orange Snack Peppers Iowa Prison Industries Farm #3 in Montrose
8. Beets Ukrainian Garden in America in Eddyville
9. Green Beans Ukrainian Garden in America in Eddyville
10. Popcorn Rolling Prairie Acres in Sigourney





To everyone who participated in the Food Box program this season, THANK YOU for your support. With over 350 boxes sold, 5.5 thousand pounds of food distributed, and almost $7,000 spent into our local economy, we were able to accomplish our goals for the season and boost our local foods community. We look forward to an even better season next year and hope you will join us. Check our homepage around mid-May to register.

Until then, eat well and eat local!

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