Tenco Microgreens arrive at local Hy-vees!

Tenco Microgreens arrive at local Hy-vees!

Great news for all the microgreen fans out there! Starting in late July, all three Hy-vees in Ottumwa will start stocking Tenco’s microgreens on a weekly basis. I don’t have all the details yet, but I’ll update when we do. For now, keep your eyes open in the refrigerated produce section and support your local growers!


If microgreens are new to you, here’s what you need to know. These miniature greens are absolutely packed with nutrients, up to 40 times the amount of their mature plant. They can also pack an astonishing amount of flavor too. They are easy to use (no prep work needed) and versatile. You can use them somehow in just about any meal, however you’ll get the most crunch and flavor by eating them uncooked. Check out our list below for ways to incorporate them into your diet. You can also look back to our earlier post with our first delivery of 2018 for even MORE ways to use micros. Enjoy!

  1. Fold into tuna or chicken salad
  2. Knead micros into pizza crust before baking
  3. Chop micros and sprinkle on bruschetta for an appetizer
  4. Mix into a raita (cool, yogurt-based dip)
  5. Sprinkle on any green salad
  6. Blend with oil, greens, basil and walnuts for a pesto
  7. Mince and stir into pasta salad
  8. Fold micros into any cooked ground meat and use as directed in recipe
  9. Cook into the filing of a quiche
  10. Add chopped radish micros to radish salsa for double the flavor
  11. Roll micros in a tortilla with leaf lettuce, veggies, shredded chicken and dressing
  12. Garnish a plate of nachos
  13. Blend into a green smoothie for extra nutrients
  14. Layer an herb cracker with cream cheese, thin radish slice, and a sprinkle of micros
  15. Eat raw!

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